Director of Student Services – The Cove

Position Description: Oversees team of interns that delivers trauma-informed support services to homeless and unaccompanied young people week to week. This position is responsible to create and maintain a culture of Care, Opportunity, Value and Empowerment among and toward students at all times. The DSS ensures the provision of supportive case management services, meals, tutoring, and educational programming from community partners during nightly programming. In addition, the DSS ensures that all interested students receive in-depth case management through a team of social work interns, each serving a caseload. The Director may at times provide direct case management services to young people, modeling the individualized professional care the entire team will provide to our students. The DSS will ensure the proper documentation of services, coordinate with WISD Homeless Outreach Services to synergize services, maintain data entry, and prepare programming reports for both internal and external stakeholders. The DSS will be an experienced social work professional with superior leadership skills who thrive in dynamic environments. Resumes and thoughtful cover letters can be sent to [email protected] (3/12/2020)

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