Vision: In Waco, we have a city-wide culture of well-informed, engaged people working together effectively to build a
great community for all, and we have the results to prove it.

Mission: To build channels of communication that make it easier for the people of Waco to get informed about and involved in building a terrific community.


1. To support healthy, safe lives for all. – Children in Waco are born healthy and residents of Waco are healthy throughout their lives. We are safe.

2. To prepare our children for success in school and beyond. To launch our young people into productive lives. – Children in Waco start school ready to succeed, and they do succeed through high school graduation and post-secondary education.  Young people in Waco successfully make the transition from school to productive work that pays enough to establish a satisfying quality of life, and they know how to manage resources wisely to sustain that quality of life.

3. To gainfully employ our working-age population. – Waco residents find and keep jobs that pay enough to sustain a satisfying quality of life without the need of government assistance, and they know how to manage their resources wisely to maintain that quality of life.

4. To care for our elderly population. –  Elderly people in Waco have the resources they need to live out their lives with security and dignity.

5. To support residents who face special challenges. – Waco residents who face physical, mental and social challenges have the resources they need to live their lives with security and dignity.

6. To align our social services and ministries effectively. – Ministries, social-services and policy are coordinated to effectively support upward mobility from economic dependence to independence where possible, and to effectively and respectfully serve those for whom independence is not possible.

7. To strengthen our neighborhoods. – Our neighborhoods and residential areas in Waco are clean, safe and attractive. Neighbors work effectively together to accomplish common goals.

8. To make our shared spaces beautiful. – Our shared public spaces and commercial spaces are clean, safe, attractive, accessible and accommodating.

9. To energize our economic base. – Our local economy creates job opportunities with the living wages needed to help employees achieve their goals.

10. To respect, enjoy, and support each other in our diversity. – We appreciate each other’s differences and our different histories. We teach each other and learn from each other.  We get to know each other and appreciate each other.  We keep the communication open. We love and respect each other first, so that when the time comes we can challenge each other, work with each other, and have fun together.  Our diversity adds strength, beauty and richness to our life together.

11. To empower ourselves as residents. –The residents of Waco have the cultural, political and leadership skills and sense of responsibility to advocate effectively for ourselves,our families and our communities. Waco residents participate in the collaborative work of making our city a great place to live for every person who lives here.

12. To enjoy life together! – Waco residents and visitors, regardless of socio-economic status,  enjoy opportunities to appreciate natural beauty, to have fun, to enjoy the arts and to grow socially and culturally.

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