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Waco Walks is an informal group that grew out of the efforts of Act Locally Waco. Our group encourages Wacoans to get to know their community by walking it.   We host several walks a year in various parts of the community.  Sometimes we just walk and enjoy the scenery, and many times we include an educational element such as history or science in the city.  We also advocate for making Waco a more walkable community.  All are welcome! We would love to have you join us.

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Waco Walks in the Waco Wonderland Parade

December 4 - line up, 9 AM - parade starts, 10 AM

Front steps of First Presbyterian Church, 1100 Austin Ave. 

 Join us this year for the Wonderland Parade! It's an annual tradition for Waco Walks to participate and hand out candy canes. Everyone is invited, even if this is the first walk you have ever been on! Even if you don't care one thing about Waco Walks -- but you just want to be in the parade!

It's a great way to spend the morning and celebrate the holidays with the whole Waco community. The walk is Saturday December 4. We will meet up on the front steps of First Presbyterian Church, 1100 Austin Ave. You need to be there to line up at 9ish. The parade will step off at 10:00.
Everyone who participates will need a release form - Please fill it out and bring it with you when you come. Here's the link: https://www.wacowonderland.com/.../Waco-Wonderland-Parade.


The Calendar

Schedule for 2021

2021 - July 10 - "Summer of Downtown" Walk

2021 - September 18 - The "Sporting House Killing" Walk   with author, G. Reading Powell. Click here to order the book or purchase at FabledClick here to view the "Gilded Age Waco" slides.

2021 - October 9 - "Eats in the East" Walk 

2021 - October 31 - Slightly Spooky "Howl-O-Ween" Walk.  - We are partnering with the Animal Birth Control Clinic for this one.  Dogs, costumes and dogs in costumes are encouraged!

2021 - December 4 - Waco Wonderland Parade 

2021 - December 7 - Christmas Party and Planning meeting, 6:30, Central Library 1717 Austin Ave. 

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2016 - Getting Started

Virtual Tornado Walk

The Historic Waco Foundation, and Eric Ames, local historian and author, have worked together to put our annual May 11 "Tornado Walk" on-line for you to Enjoy!  Here are the links:

Stops 1 & 2

Tornado Walk: Stop 1 & 2

May is a significant month for the history of Waco. This year marks the 67th anniversary of the tornado that struck Waco. Because we can’t host an official Waco Walk, we are bringing the walk to you! We’re posting the 8 stops we would normally take leading up to May 11th. Download the map, put on your walking shoes and take the walk with us! First stop: The Tornado Memorial on 4th and Austin.This Virtual Tornado Walk is hosted by Eric Ames and Waco Walks.

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Stop 3

Tornado Walk: Stop 3

Our next stop is a little down from the Suspension Bridge as we talk about the rubble site after the tornado. We're posting new videos everyday so keep checking back with us!

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stop 4

Tornado Walk: Stop 4 - The Alico

The Alico is our 4th stop on the Tornado Walk. It survived the tornado due largely to its construction and became a beacon of hope during the storm.

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Stop 5

Tornado Walk: Stop 5 - Katy Park

Home to various minor league teams, Katy Park was a central hub for the Waco community.

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Stop 6

Tornado Walk: Stop 6 - First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church is now located on Lake Air and Cobbs Drive but was originally in the heart of downtown Waco when the tornado hit.

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Stop 7

Tornado Walk: Stop 7 - Artesian Bottling and Manufacturing Company

Located on 5th Street and Mary, the Artesian Bottling and Manufacturing Company (later the Dr Pepper Museum) was not directly hit by the tornado although it was heavily damaged by the storm. The scars of this tornado are still visible on this building today.

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Thursday, May 7, 2020

Stop 8

Tornado Walk: Stop 8 - R.T. Dennis Building

Our final stop is at the sight of what used to be the R.T. Dennis Furniture Co. Thank you for watching our Tornado Walk. We hope you download the map and follow the trail on your own! You can download the map here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/53e2b0a6e4b020de6665758f/t/5eb17016fcf9c7222f65018f/1588686872366/walk_map-2020.png

Posted by Historic Waco Foundation on Friday, May 8, 2020



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