Issue: We need to decrease the use of Emergency Rooms as a source of primary care.

What is the heart of the issue?

  • Too many people are using the emergency room as their primary source of health care. This is too expensive for the individuals and for the health system.
  • <What would you add?>

Why is this a problem for the individuals involved?

Why is this important to our community?

How are we doing?

I am a person who is affected by this issue. What resources are available to me to improve my situation?  How do I access them?

I care about this issue and I want to get involved.  Who is working on it and how can I help?

What are our ideas about how to get better? What are some things that are already happening in our community to move us toward this goal?  Are they working?


What are other communities doing about this issue?  Where can we steal good ideas?  

How can I learn more about this issue and how it is affecting Waco?



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