Tornado Walk - Sign Sponsorships

For the last three years Waco Walks and the Baylor Libraries have co-hosted a walk in downtown Waco in memory of the Tornado that devastated downtown Waco on May 11, 1953.  We will be working with the Baylor Libraries and the Historic Waco Foundation to host the walk again this year on May 11, 2020, at 6 PM.

Around 100 people attended the walk last year, and we expect similar interest for the 2020 walk.

We would like to enhance the walk this year by including signs that show images related to the Tornado.  You can see some of the images we hope to include in the gallery below.

Would you or your business or organization be willing to sponsor a sign, or a few signs? Sponsorship is $25 per sign.  We hope to raise enough money to produce 30 signs in all (Some images will appear on more than one sign and we may add a few more if we get enough sponsors).

Click here to sponsor a sign. (Or signs!)

Finished signs would look something like this.  Depending on the format of the image on the sign.

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