Want to be an Act Locally Waco Partner?

Here’s our mission statement…

To build channels of communication that make it easier for the people of Waco to get informed and get involved in building a terrific community.  Here are our aspirations for Waco.


In other words… our purpose is to support you.

If you are a community organization, a non-profit, an arts organization, an education-related organization…or any organization that is working toward helping to accomplish our aspirations for Waco… we want to make it easy for the people of Waco to get informed about and involved in supporting you and your work.


What does it mean to be a partner?

Well, part of being “partners” is figuring that out together, but for now we are focusing on two things:

  1. Helping you share information with the community.
  2. Building our base of subscribers and Facebook followers so that the information we share goes out to more people.


What would I have to do?

Here is what we are thinking of right now…

  1. Share information with us.  Whenever you have an event, fundraiser, announcement, Job opening, volunteer opportunity let us know, and we will share them through our Facebook page and our free weekly email newsletter “The WHOLE Enchilada.
  2. Encourage your staff/clients/friends/board/supporters - in other words your circle of influence - to subscribe to The WHOLE Enchilada and to follow Act Locally Waco on Facebook. -  The more subscribers, the more effectively we can share your information with the larger community. So, it benefits everyone to help build the base of subscribers.


What will Act Locally Waco do?

We’ll keep the communication flowing to the community. -  Currently we send out our free weekly on-line newsletter, “The WHOLE Enchilada” 50 times a year (basically every Friday) to 3,000+ subscribers.  We also keep up an active Facebook presence with 8,000+ followers. We’ll make sure your information is included in those channels of communication.

We’ll share a link to your organization on our website. – One of the most common wishes we hear from folks in the community is the wish for one website where they can easily find information about our wide variety of non-profits and other organizations and what they are doing.  By adding a link to your organization on our “partners” page, we will be helping to fulfill that wish.

We’ll keep in touch. – We will remind you when it is time to send us your info, and we will keep you up to date on other opportunities to share information about your organization.


Does it cost money to be a partner?

Nope.  We do have sponsorship opportunities if you are interested -- but joining our merry band of partners is absolutely FREE!


Terrific!  How do I sign up?

Just send an email to [email protected]  to let us know you are interested in becoming a partner, and we will be in touch.


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