Lost in Waco: Summer Edition

What words would you use to describe summer in Waco? What pictures would capture its essence? A
special edition of the alternative magazine Lost In Waco, being released Thursday, aims to fill in some of
those blanks.

Since its debut in the spring of 2020, Lost in Waco magazine has striven to give a voice to authentic
Waco, working with local artists and writers to produce something all Wacoans could be proud off,
something for Waco, by Waco.

With three regular issues under its belt (two released during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic),
Founder and Editor Adam Moore was ready to do something a little different this summer.
“Honestly, it just sounded fun. I love the culture of zines,” Moore said. “And it sounded like something
that would fit well with a summer-themed edition.”

Like previous issues, the Summer Zine is made up of prose and poetry plus photography and art, all from
local contributors. The content captures the warm, golden melancholy of summer and offers some
observations very specific to the season in Waco. The Lost in Waco Summer Zine sets itself apart from regular issues through its distressed and DIY aesthetic, an intentional move.

“The entire issue was laid out physically on paper and then scanned for the final printing. It was a
completely different process than the other issues we’ve done for Lost in Waco,” Moore said. “Being
handmade, I think this issue offers a different kind of vibe than our previous issues. Part of what makes a
zine great is that it’s imperfect. I hope it pulls people in and gives them a little sense of a Waco summer
– both the magic of it and the imperfections.” There will be a smaller number of the Summer Zine available, so don’t wait around to snag a copy.

The best way to get a copy is to come to the release event on Thursday July 7 at 5:30p. at One Day. After
that, copies will be dropped off at some local businesses. Follow Lost In Waco on social media for more

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