He’s got a ticket to ride…the bus

By Ashley Bean Thornton

On February 21, 2013, I sat in a booth in my satellite office, Whataburger, visiting with David Ellis – the new Supervisor of Attendance, Truancy and Dropout Recovery at WISD. He was fairly new to Waco. After years serving as a pastor in Baytown, Texas, he had followed his wife here so she could pursue her career. Having landed in town without work for himself, he took a job for several months as a bus driver for Waco Transit before finding his current position. Given that, I guess it’s not too surprising that our conversation quickly turned to transportation.

Mr. Ellis was concerned that day about a young man who was taking classes at Brazos High School – also known as the WISD Credit Recovery Center. The Credit Recovery Center helps students who have dropped out, or who are in danger of dropping out, recover credits so they can get back on track to graduate. The only problem is, for it to help you, you have to show up. The young man in question was in trouble for truancy. Mr. Ellis had watched as Judge Villarreal of the truancy court asked, “Why haven’t you been attending school?” “I don’t have transportation,” the student replied. “My mom goes to work and I don’t have a ride.”

Sounds like a lame excuse, right? I mean, good grief, Kid – ever heard of a school bus? Well, it’s a little more challenging than that. WISD provides buses for students according to attendance zones. The Credit Recovery Center, it turns out, caters to students who come from all different attendance zones. So, some of the kids who need the recovery center the most have a tough time getting there. It took Mr. Ellis, the former Transit bus driver, about two seconds to figure out that Waco Transit Route 1 goes right by Brazos High School. Problem solved! Except…for some of our very low-income students the $3.00 a day round trip bus fare was a road block.

Fast forward to May 1, 2013 – Mr. Ellis is feeling cautiously optimistic about the transportation situation. Mayor Malcolm Duncan has helped to negotiate a Pilot Program with Waco Transit. During the pilot, any WISD Middle School or High School student with a proper WISD student ID can ride a transit bus to school for FREE!

This is a terrific example of how a great community operates. We tear down silos; we try new things; we remove roadblocks. Thanks Mr. Ellis, Mayor Duncan and Waco Transit for making Waco work a little better for our students and for all of us!


The pilot program will run from May 1 to June 6, 2013. Initial daily ridership is averaging in the 30’s for the first few days but is sure to grow as the program is promoted and students learn they can ride and how it can work for them. Spread the word! For more information about this terrific program please contact David Ellis, Supervisor of Attendance, Truancy and Dropout Recovery at 254-757-5909 or [email protected] .

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