Art Advice for the Faint of Heart – Dive in!

By Gracie Arias

“This isn’t for the faint of heart” have you ever heard that before?

That’s what I feel like sometimes in this journey of supporting an artist. I have seen Carlos, my husband, also known professionally as “The Masterpiece,” grow in his artistic abilities in the 10 years I have known him. I feel blessed by that and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

When I first met him, I saw a pair of shoes he was wearing that he had painted…the first pair, and now he’s done over 100! So then, The Masterpiece was created! That hasn’t always come easy. Sometimes it means staying up until the early morning hours completing an order, and waking up early for a full- time job. But, as they also say, “hard work pays off”! Since April 2017, The Masterpiece hasn’t had a break once, and that’s something we are more than ok with! That means people are seeing his talents and wanting a part of it. And not just shoes either, so many different things. Such as, murals and windows at Enve beauty bar on Austin Avenue, or a more recent one at The Chatterbox in downtown. Also, weddings and parties, baby showers, and signs. So much going on! It’s a very exciting time to be an artist in Waco, so much brewing and changing, art is in the air here.

One thing that Carlos has definitely shown me, is that when you have a dream, do your best and make it reality. Because of his encouragement, I participated in the first ever Central Texas Artist Collective (CTAC) exhibit “Ekphrasis: Art & Words,” and it reminded me why I love writing. So, that’s when Gracefulmess blog was born.

I wanted a safe place to put my thoughts, goals, and hurts down on. It’s opened a new door to healing for me, and others! I’ve received so many messages and comments explaining how it has helped them. Now I have so many goals to the direction that it’s heading and I’m so excited.

I say all this in hope that it will encourage someone. We are parents, we are young, and we are introverts. The opportunities that we have now did not come easy. We had to leave our little bubble of familiarity and comfort, and reach for it. Really jump into it, ok more like dive. There are so many opportunities here in Waco that will give you a chance for growth.  If you have a talent, no matter what it is, don’t let it go to waste. Plug in somewhere and flourish! Don’t wait for someone to give you that push but instead push yourself! Go and create!

Gracie Arias, wife and mom. Blogger. Future massage therapist. The feeling of accomplishment is one of the best feelings to feel. I’m working hard to reach my goals and to support those I love to reach theirs too. Life should be watched on the sidelines, but lived with all your heart and strength. 


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