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As the Texas summer heat settles in and the index raises to triple digits, The Salvation Army reminds people about their cooling station open in downtown Waco, open to anyone seeking  some salvation from the heat.

The cooling center is conveniently located at 300 Webster Avenue and remains open until 4:30pm, closing only briefly to allow the staff to prepare for dinner service when the center reopens its doors as the Community Kitchen, ready to serve anyone seeking a nourishing meal.  

“The cooling center is open any day the temperature or heat-index reaches 100 degrees or higher, which it is doing pretty consistently” says Jorge Delgado, The Salvation Army Shelter Director.  “Prolonged extreme heat, as is about more than discomfort, it is a public health risk.  Our cooling centers are open to everyone.  Guests can stay for hours, or simply stop-in to cool-off and have a refreshment before continuing with their day” said Delgado. “Our guests run the gamut” he continued, “Some may be homeless or residents living in homes without air conditioning. They may work outside or be one of the passersby strolling through downtown. The dangers of extreme heat can affect anyone, from any walk of life, which is why we welcome all to stop in our center.”

Cooling centers truly do serve the health of the community by providing two things necessary to reduce the risk of heat exposure:

  • Hydration.  It’s especially important for people to drink water before they get thirsty and to continue drinking throughout the day.
  • Cool-down time.  Time spent in air-conditioned environments helps the body cool off and lessens the likelihood of getting overheated.

Refreshments, including water and snacks, have been provided by the community. The Salvation Army is most in need of donations of bottled water or beverages so they may continue serving during these final days of summer. 

This summer heat also serves as a reminder to check on neighbors such as the elderly, shut-ins, or those neighbors living in much older homes with insufficient cooling systems. The Salvation Army has several box fans available free of charge to anyone in need, thanks to a recent Fan Drive with Keith ACE Hardware locations throughout Central Texas. 

Contact The Salvation Army at 254-756-7271 for additional information.

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