Act Locally Waco seeking temporary communications director

By Ferrell Foster

It has been a privilege serving as acting executive director of Act Locally Waco since January, but it is time for me to step aside from this volunteer leadership role.

The ALW Board of Directors, I’m happy to announce, has decided to secure a paid Communications Director to work on a contract basis in order to oversee the daily operations of the entire ALW platform — newsletter, website, and social media. The role is expected to require about 10 hours of work per week and will be temporary until the board determines its long-term direction by mid-year 2022.

Here are ALW’s expectations for the role:

The Communications Director will coordinate all ALW communications efforts as listed in the following “deliverables”:


Provide direction to all ALW communications efforts

Coordinate work on ALW website and newsletter

Cultivate relationships with a diverse group of contributors in order to identify ways that ALW could provide support in strengthening their platform

Guide content development and approach, including deciding what is or is not appropriate for use on ALW platforms

Guide the work of ALW’s volunteer social media and blog administrators

Direct and facilitate the work of the Communications Services contractor

Evaluate messages and photos for appropriateness with respect to balanced viewpoints and an emphasis on community engagement

Recommend potential items for inclusion in The WHOLE Enchilada newsletter

Edit the “Happy Friday” copy written for the newsletter

Approve release of each newsletter as shared via a MailChimp test

Approve any changes to the newsletter format

Send to CS contractor raw copy for “Events” website page

Send to CS contractor raw copy for “Jobs/Jobs Related’ website page

Send to CS contractor raw copy for “Announcements” website page

Direct and facilitate blog posting on website

Recruit blog writers

Anticipate needed topics

Edit blog copy as needed

Support blog posting by ALW’s volunteer blog administrator

Facilitate ALW social media efforts

Support social media efforts in conjunction with ALW’s volunteer social media administrator

Promote community engagement:

Arrange or support in-person attendance at community events as possible

Recruit subscribers to The WHOLE Enchilada and followers of ALW on Facebook and Instagram

To apply:

Interested persons should send an email and resume to ALW Board Chair Cuevas Peacock at [email protected]. The Board is planning to move quickly on this appointment. Resumes should be submitted by Oct. 27.

Ferrell Foster is acting executive director of Act Locally Waco and senior specialist for care & communication with Prosper Waco.

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