2021 Posada + Tamale Festival

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The Cultural Committee of the Hispanic Leaders’ Network has been meeting over the past few weeks to plan a community event for all. This year will be their first annual Posada and Tamale Competition! Las Posadas is a traditional event celebrated by many Hispanic countries on the 9 days leading up to Christmas—join them for food, music, and fun for all ages! There will be a cash prize for Waco’s Best Tamal!

Where: South Waco Recreation Center, 2815 Speight Ave.

When: December 18, 3-6 PM

Event Information: First Annual Posada & Tamale Competition | Facebook

What are Las Posadas?

Posada comes from the Spanish word for “lodging”. During the Christmas season it is a 9 day celebration prior to Christmas Day that commemorates the Nativity story.

Where is Las Posadas celebrated?

It is celebrated chiefly in Latin America including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Spain and by Latinos in the US. For example, there is a big Las Posadas celebration in San Antonio, Texas each year.

In Mexico, it has been celebrated for over 400 years starting in 1586.

Does it have a relationship to Indigenous culture?

Yes! According to the Aztec Calendar, Tonantzin Guadalupe (the mother of the gods) was celebrated on the winter solstice, while their most important deity, the sun god Huitzilopochtli, was born during the month of December (panquetzaliztli). The parallel in time between this native celebration and the celebration of Christmas lent itself to an almost-seamless merging of the two holidays.

What does Las Posadas involve?

Usually, there is a re-enactment where 2 people dress up as Mary and Joseph. Certain houses are designated to be “inns”; the head of the procession carries a candle inside a paper shade. They can be followed by attendants such as angels and shepherds and are followed by musicians. Children carry poinsettias.

The actors travel to one house each night for nine nights. At each house, the resident responds by singing a song and the pair are recognized and allowed to enter.

At the end of each night, Christmas carols are sung, children break open pinatas and everyone sits for a feast.

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Why is Hispanic Leaders’ Network sponsoring this event?

HLN wants to help create spaces where Latinos in Waco can celebrate their culture and welcome the greater Waco Community to learn and be enriched by the diversity and inclusivity our city.

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