Where did the time go? Some tips to finish strong!

By Diego Loredo

It’s already the end of the semester! If you had told me at the beginning of the semester that it would be over before I knew it, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. However, the end of the semester is already here. And, all of the assignments and projects that I pushed off are finally catching up with me!

I have three group projects, one presentation, and three final exams to take. Two of those group projects are for one class and the other group project (along with the presentation) is for another class. I also have an exam on Monday, along with the final exams during the last week of the semester. Overall, I have quite a bit of work to do. It’s easy for all of your work to pile up on you during the last few weeks of the semester. So here’re a few tips on managing your work at the end of the semester, as well as a few final exam tips.

Use your time-off well

I know it’s hard to do work during a break but it’s a good idea to do it anyway. I know a lot of professors like to assign work during the Thanksgiving break so most students will be doing work anyway. Don’t do too much work during the break or you’ll burn yourself out too. But, dedicate a day or two to catch up on work or study for upcoming exams.

Keep in touch with group members

If you’re doing a group assignment, make sure to keep in touch with your group members so that all of you know what to do. Don’t be that group member who doesn’t ever reach out to the other members.

Bring textbooks with you back home

It’s easy to forget that you have work to do when you’re going back home for the break. If you have to study or have work to do, bring whatever you need that will help (textbooks, notes, etc.). Make sure to have what you need so that you won’t have to drive all the way back or blow off the assignment.

Keep track of your exam schedule

Mark on your calendar when and where your exams will be. I have a friend who missed an exam because he didn’t check the syllabus right and went to class during the wrong time and missed the exam, ultimately failing the class. Make sure ahead of time that you know when your exams are, so that you don’t risk missing them.

I know how difficult the last few weeks of the semester can be. I’m taking a senior level class and all of the seniors there are stressing over the final project. I’m still a junior but I’m still stressing out just as much if not more than them. I tried to come up with these tips based on my personal experience and hopefully they can help other students who are preparing for finals or projects. Good luck!  Finish strong!

diego loredo - 2Diego Loredo is a junior at the University of North Texas and is majoring in public relations. He is a scholarship recipient of the Brazos Education Foundation, otherwise known as “Brazos Scholars.”  He graduated from University High School in 2014. He plans on working in sports PR or for a nonprofit. He loves to play soccer and is a huge FC Dallas fan. Have something that you would like Diego to write about or have a problem that you would like to ask him? Shoot him an email at [email protected].

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