Hard work can pay off faster with ExpressPath at MCC

Editor’s Note: McLennan Community College will host an ExpressPath Open House Saturday, June 12, 10 a.m.-noon, in the China Spring High School cafeteria highlighting an extensive list of certificate and occupational skills award options that can be completed in one year or less at MCC. Representatives will be available to help new students complete the application and enrollment process. Interested individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment for the Open House at www.mclennan.edu/expresspath/<http://www.mclennan.edu/expresspath/> to ensure proper physical distancing. Face coverings will also be required. For more information about the Open House, contact Highlander Central at 254-299-8622 or [email protected].

By Madison Schick

Waiting on the return of “normal” has become a commonplace reference to describe the millions of people nationwide who are hoping for brighter, mask-free days filled with hugs and handshakes. However, even in less abnormal times that don’t involve a pandemic, it’s clear that lots of people are waiting on something. 

Some are waiting for the perfect time to start their new health goals, others for the courage to go back to school. Many are guilty of commemorating the holiday-season countdown by buying decorations beginning mid-July. Whether one wants to start their career or win the neighborhood yard competition, there’s no time like the present. 

To start sooner rather than later, to save money and time, and to increase earning potential through education: these are the founding principles of MCC’s ExpressPath program. 

Vocational degrees and certificates are not new to higher education, but an upsurge in salaries and employment opportunities have made these programs recent topics of conversation – and a major reason why both traditional and non-traditional learners choose community colleges. 

Quality training for in-demand jobs, affordable tuition and a swift timeline allow students to learn skills faster to earn money sooner. Certificates may be complementary to prior skills learned on the job, supplemental to other degrees, or qualify students to perform their job immediately upon completion.

In an earlier blog post, MCC President Johnette McKown reflected that students can go anywhere after MCC. This is true with ExpressPath certificates and skills awards, as these certificates can get students started in their professions sooner, allowing them to acquire additional skills, certificates, and degrees within a shorter timeframe while earning money. 

ExpressPath at MCC further destigmatizes the notion that technical certificates are only applicable to those who wish to work in healthcare or industry, such as plumbing or electrical services. Accounting, firefighting, child development, paramedicine, and interpreter training certificates are only a few of the certificates available that advance working professionals and aspiring students alike. 

MCC aims to help people take a step, possibly even a jump, towards their future with ExpressPath programs. To learn more about ExpressPath and our upcoming Open Houses, visit https://www.mclennan.edu/expresspath/

Madison Schick is social media and communications specialist at McLennan Community College. A literature enthusiast and graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Madison studied environmental science, English, and history, and still loves all things related to reading and writing.

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